The Anchored Inn

I’ve been working on opening a bar for over a year now and it’s finally opened. I made the sign for the bar by burning the logo into a piece of wood which hangs like a flag outside. The bar is also adorned with velvet paintings. Come on by and check it out.

The Anchored Inn 57 Waterbury st. btw Meserole and Scholes

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Instant Gratification

I’ve been getting into doing these smaller scale plaques. I’m used to working on a larger scale but its always nice to see a finish product quickly. One of these was done for a silent auction to raise money for a good friends sister. The other was done for each of my sisters with their initials for Christmas this year.

Both are done on wood with Oil Paint and Wood Stain but the initial plaque also incorporates burning the wood for color and texture. The line around the design and the initials are burned.

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